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The Saab Marque

Saab Related logos (not Saab Automobile AB)

Saab Technologies logo
Saab technologies

Following the General Motors 50% investment in Saab's Auto Division in the late 90s and the subsequent 100% takeover in early 2000, there became a need to change from the SAAB-SCANIA emblem of 1984 to corporate symbols that would clarify different areas of the Saab industrial group.

Saab Technologies is Europe's leading high-technology company with the Swedish and International Defence markets its core business.

Scania (Trucks and Buses)
Scania Trucks & Buses

Founded in 1891, the core of Scania's operations is the development, production and marketing of trucks for heavy transport work and buses and coaches for more than 30 passengers.

The Industrial & Marine Engines business area is a specialised operation in which Scania has a strong international position. It supplies Scania engines in customised versions for such applications as boats, electrical generators, earth-moving machines and harvesters.

SAAB Aerospace
Saab Aerospace

Saab Aerospace has the comprehensive systems integration capability needed to design turn-key aerospace and defense systems and, in collaboration with others, to develop complete or partial solutions for future fighter aircraft.

Future aerospace systems will be based on an even greater extent on the ability to integrate various advanced command and control, decision-support and weapon systems. While advanced mechanics, aerodynamics and design and materials competencies will remain important factors, the decisive developments will primarily be in avionics and IT.

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