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The Saab Monster History

The Monster

Car designers were eager to and able to experiment in the 1950s and they did. The Catherina and the Saab Sonett Super Sport (Sonett I) are both examples of this approach. Similarly, The Monster was the product of such experimentation.

The Monster was essentially a Saab 93 stripped of all unnecessary weight - even the bonnet is plastic - with two 748cc three cylinder two stroke engines installed in the engine bay.

The engine(s!) had a combined swept volume of almost 1.5 litres and developed "well over 100bhp"

At the Såtenäs airfield, Saab engineers timed the Monster at 196km/h, unfortunately this record was set under the wrong conditions there being no independent inspectors and the run was made in one direction only.

The Monster was also exercised around the Gelleråsen circuit near Karlskroga where it was found to be difficult to corner. The power was also too much for a pinion in the transmission.

The Monster now lives in the Saab Museum at Trollhättan. The tests and record attempt of this unorthodox six-cylinder car were never repeated.

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