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Saab 92b history
Saab 92b technical specifications
Saab 92b model year changes
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Saab 92B History
Model Years 1953 to 1956

Saab 92B

The first major modifications to the Saab 92 were introduced for the 1953 model year. The sleek Saab now had a much enlarged rear window - 53% larger - to improve rearward visibility. A new boot lid made the luggage compartment externally accessible and the luggage area had grown by 32% by moving the spare wheel and relocating the battery to the engine compartment. Additionally, the fuel tank filler cap had been moved to the rear wing.

This Saab was versatile, the first of many. Saab produced a special box that, when the detachable rear seats were removed, could be inserted to convert the car into a handy little transport van. A bed kit made of plywood enabled the conversion of the interior into a useful double bed.

Four colours were now available: grey, blue-grey, black and, of course, green.

For the model year 1954 the Saab was, for the first time, officially designated the 92B. A new Solex 32BI carburettor and a new ignition coil boosted engine output to 28hp. The American sealed beam headlamps, which had a tendency to dazzle oncoming traffic, were replaced with Hella units.

Saab 92B

For the first time Saab offered the option of a factory-fitted large textile sunroof, but at a cost option of 600 krona there were few takers.

A further colour, maroon, was now available and the 10,000th Saab rolled off the assembly line on 6 March 1954.

An electric fuel pump and square rear lamps installed in the rear wings were modifications officially for the 1955 model year but were first introduced on chassis no. 11,001. Standard colours were now grey, maroon and a new moss green.

The Saab 93 was introduced in Dec 1955 but production of the 92B continued alongside its successor with the last 92B being assembled as late as Dec 1956/Jan 1957. Two new colours, grey-green and beige were now offered.

A total of 20,128 Saab 92 models were built, of which 14,828 were of type 92B with the external boot lid.

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