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Saab 90 history
Saab 90 technical specifications
Saab 90 model year changes
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Model Year Changes

Saab 90.

Model Year 1985
Chassis No.s ...

The standard equipment list included a clock, heated front seats and wing mirrors that could be adjusted from inside the vehicle. The angle of the steering wheel was altered (that of the 99 is at an unusual angle) and the new 90 rn on new wheel rims.

The five-speed variant was externally identifiable with its front spoiler. The sunroof was a factory-fitted option. For this model year Cardinal Red metallic was a new colour to the Saab range.


Model Year 1986
Chassis No.s ...

A noticeable improvement was the addition of indicator side repeaters mounted toward the rear of each front wing. New colours introduced were Zircon Blue and Dolomite Sand.


Model Year 1987
Chassis No.s ...

Improvements to the outgoing Saab 90 were essentially cosmetic, including the interior. The 90 now had a five-speed box as standard, though the four-speed could be specified if desired.

1987 was the final model year for the 90, the nineteenth model year if it's very close relation, the 99, is included. The car known as "The Broad Swede", first in 99 then in 90 guise, had been Sweden's best-selling front wheel drive.