EV-19000Saab 900 (1994-97)9-39-5Ursaab9292B9393B

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Saab 9-5 History
Model Years 1998 on

MY2000 Saab 9-5 Griffin 3.0V6t Wagon

Saab's own design centre had been formulating and working on ideas for new, larger Saab since the early 1990s, though this project was often delayed and eventually abandoned.

Then, in February 1993, the decision was taken to commence work on a new Saab. Seven designers were assigned to Project 640 - each to produce a scale model. The selected model was designed by Tony Catignani and from computer screen to reality the project took less than three years.

The development of the Saab 9-5 retained existing Saabisms such as its world famous attention to safety, the curved C-pillar and the ergonomics of the vehicle - especially in respect of the driver. Saab set out to exceed the already high safety standards of the Saab 9000 and design the safest car possible. Data from Saab itself, Folksam (the Swedish insurer) and EuroNCAP tests all show that the Saab 9-5 is indeed the safest car that you can drive to date.

Saabisms reintroduced for the 9-5 include the clamshell bonnet and the return of the floor mounted ignition and reverse gear lock that was absent from its predecessor, the Saab 9000.

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