Saab Paddan (The Toad)

Model Year 1966

The change from a three cylinder two-stroke to a V4 engine provided no significant problems. There was adequate space in the engine compartment to accommodate such a change – but the forthcoming Saab 99 proved a little more problematic.

Saab Paddan (The Toad), Saab Bilmuseum, Trollhattan, Sweden.

In order to road test the new chassis and engine Saab’s solution was to construct a special 96 body that was widened by 20cm – thereby giving the appearance of a 96 and preserving the secrecy of the forthcoming model.

Many Swedish motorists will have passed The Toad without giving it a second thought, even so Saab conducted most road tests at night just to be on the safe side.

Saab Paddan (The Toad), Saab Bilmuseum, Trollhattan, Sweden.

Nevertheless, the Swedish Newspaper Expressen revealed the existance of The Toad. The difference between The Toad and a normal 96, of the same colour, that accompanied it was immediately apparent. The newspaper did not know, however, that there was as many as four Toads being road tested. The only remaining Toad is cared for by the Saab Museum at Trollhättan.

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