Saab GT750

Model Years 1958 to 1960

At the New York Automobile Show of April 1958, Saab exhibited a car that they called the Gran Turismo 750 – a sporty and luxurious model that was pitched specifically at the growing US market. The GT750 had twin carburettors and the engine had been tuned to develop 50hp.

An optional engine tuning kit made it possible to convert the car to a GT750 Super with an engine output of 55hp. The GT750 Super was more sports car than family car. This was confirmed with its hard and cramped rear seat but comfortable front seats that could be adjusted to any one of fourteen positions.

The GT750 Super was relatively powerless at low engine revolutions, only coming to life at 3,400revs with the changing of gear at around 5,000revs for the best effect, not always easy with just three speeds to play with.

New instrumentation included a Halda Speedpilot and a wooden steering wheel with three aluminium spokes. Externally, the GT750 sported double extra front lamps, double tail lamps and large chrome plated hubcaps. External rear view mirrors and GT750 emblems completed the look.

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