Saab 94 Sonett Super Sport Model Year Changes

The Saab Sonett Super Sport, also designated the Saab 94, was destined for full-scale production in 1957, possibly by Jensen in the UK. However, a change in motor sport rules meant that Saab no longer required such a class of car for competitions.

Between 1955 and 1957 just six prototypes of the Sonett Super Sport were built. Whilst they are not proper model year changes, the differences are listed here:

Sonett No.1, White.

Currently in the Saab Car Museum at Trollhättan, aluminium frame, glass-fibre plastic reinforced body. This car set a new speed record in 1996 for cars under 750cc reaching 159.4kph.

Sonett No.2, Red

Previously in Philipsons Museum in Solletuna until mid-1980s, now with American collector, steel frame, aluminium body.

Sonett No.3, Red

With private collector in Trollhättan, steel frame, aluminium body.

Sonett No.4, Green

Converted into a coupe in mid-1960s but was subsequently written off in a crash.

Sonett No.5, Blue

In the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, three gears, steel chassis, aluminium body.

Sonett No.6, White with blue stripe

Belongs to collector in America, steel chassis, and aluminium body

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