Online since June 2000, Saabmuseum.com is the most comprehensive history of the Saab marque that is currently available, in one place, on the internet.

On Friday 30 December 2011, Sveriges Radio News P4 West reports that this is the last day for the Saab Museum in Trollhättan until further notice…

…Fortunately, the Saab Bil Museum survives intact as part of the Innovatum Science Centre and records the living history of the innovation, passion and the Spirit of Saab that embodies this small, influential car-maker.  Saabmuseum.com, online, is an independent website that continues to share Saab’s rich history for followers and enthusiasts of this unique marque.

This website is currently a work in progress to build upon and improve the information that has been held here for over a decade.  If you have any excellent, high-quality photos (to which you own the copyright) and you would like to share them here, or if you have any particular information that you would like to add in order to improve the knowledge of Saab cars, please contact SaabMuseum at Gmail dot com.

Browse the pages and learn how the marque has evolved from the experimental Ursaab of 1947 to the similarly shaped 96 that was still in production some 33 years later.

Discover Saab’s long list of innovations, many of which have since become industry standard. Read about the turbo-charged 99 and how turbo-charging technology has become standard on all Saab production models.

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kristoffer May 27, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Hei Peter!
Takk for en hyggelig kveld i “Gammalsaabens” jubileum. Håper dere kom vel hjem.
;-) Lovise og Kristoffer

colinb September 6, 2012 at 8:56 pm

Good Evening
I have just inherited a early I think 96 my intension is to renovate the car ( I have the facilities) but have no idea where I can find information :-
a) about the car
b) are there any spares still available if so where
c) the car is a three cylinder and although not fitted has available a triple carburettor and manifold
d) the bonnet is missing but everything else seems intact has the car avalue is it worth renovating
Best Regards to all interested
Colin B

joanter1 October 8, 2012 at 7:07 pm

I’m looking for a “Talladega” nameplate for the right rear of of my ’97 900 talladega. Mine’s lost. Any help would be appreciated.

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